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Pilates and Functional Movement Education

Knowledge = Motivation = Return to Health and Vitality for Life

“There is possibility of change when you know where you are in your body and you are inspired with your mind to reach for a new level of wellness and function.”

Movement is life. Life is constant change and adaption to circumstances. Another year is a number. The wisdom of life and the physical changes are the journey of all living things. Acceptance with grace need not lower expectations of pleasure and health. There is the joy of being alive and curious.

Adaptive change is natural and has purpose. Some patterns serve a purpose for a short time. Because the adaptive compensations are unconscious, the first step is to notice without judgement, and to have choices, and to make a conscious decision to try a new stradegy.

Movement is a universal medicine for vitality. Everyone can benefit from a conscious exercise program at any age and in any relative physical condition. Pilates is educative, preventative, rehabilitative and facilitative of functional activity. A belief that there is the possibility of positive change is a first step. A good teacher is your partner in this exploration.

Pat Guyton from Pat Guyton Pilates Jumping
Pat Guyton from Pat Guyton Pilates Jumping

Pilates Conservatory®.

Pilates Conservatory ® is an approach which will assist a student to understand the natural design of the body to return to better function. Pat has coined the term “digestible anatomy”. When the design of the body can be explained using the positive power of simple language, imagery, cues, and the application to exercise, there is an opportunity for change.

Everyone is individual. There is no one list of exercises that fits everyone. There is an art of sequential teaching that is based progression and challenge. It is the Pilates Conservatory ® recipe for the discovery of a joyful embodiment.


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