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When I first heard those words in reference to medicine and health, I wondered if the laws of entropy were in suspension. As a child, I was taught that the cycles of life, birth, growth, adulthood, aging and death, were just the natural state of affairs in the universe. My parents, teachers, and community leaders reiterated this theme so that the children might gain comfort in the process of living and dying. The spring bought leaves to trees, the summer produced fruit, the leaves turned magnificent colors in the autumn and then the leaves fall. The season is complete.

These analogies were not comforting. I was provoked with worry and concern that my body and my life were limited. I felt diminished. It was very possible that there might not be time enough to succeed in accomplishment and to contribute to the world. I wanted to make a difference and time seemed very short.

Things have changed. I have moved into late summer, at least. My understanding of health and fitness has changed. I want to run and hike for pleasure. I no longer want to do these things faster, longer, or harder than other people. I am beginning to understand that movement done well, consistently and with ease allow me to focus on those dreams of contribution to community. Joseph Pilates understood this and his contribution is the study and practice of Contrology, his name for what is now called Pilates. Moving into our later years with a body that is fit and able allows each of us to truly give the gift that is unique to us. So, my child is not so resistant to the wrinkles and the little aches. I am still quite excited about teaching and inspiring others to practice Pilates and healthy lifestyles.

Longevity is a gift and antiaging is the consciousness of continued giving and sharing.