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Last weekend I was extended the gracious invitation to present at Real Pilates Studio in New York City. There is always certain amount of trepidation that I pack in my suitcase for any destination. Serving on the PMA board of directors has shifted my attitude that there is a right or a wrong way of teaching Pilates. A syllabus for exercises on Mat and equipment was defined by JHP. There is a destination that is described historically, but each instructor and Pilates teacher from day one to day one thousand must delve deeply into experience and knowledge to convey information that is useful to others to make the journey. So, I was concerned. Would I be able to share with students from other lineages to expand the joy of teaching for each one and would I be acknowledged despite my different approach with a another lineage?

Alycea and her staff were very generous and kind to me. I was treated with respect and all concerns for my personal comfort were quickly addressed. The Pilates teachers were very well trained. I had some private sessions on Friday and everyone in the room could not help but take a peak at whatever was happening in the room, including me. I observed care, knowledge, and teaching. There were different styles but the sharing and education were very much alive in the space.

I am very grateful to all of the students who attended! Thank you for making my experience joyful. I also would like to extend special thanks to Alycea and Jan who really worked for months to make this happen. Thanks go to Yuuko. She did not translate from English to Japanese, but I think she translated from “Patspeak” to New York teachers!

I left the trepidation in the suitcase. I will not pack it again. The weight in the luggage does not allow for another pair of shoes!