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Two new Pilates Teachers have joined my studio. Many in the Pilates Community will know Deborah Iole and her reputation as a fine Pilates teacher. She has taught for 18 years and was trained in the first class that Romana taught at The Pilates Center. Sheri Kessler has studied for 7 years and was trained at Pilates of Boulder. I feel so fortunate to have benefited from the good education that these two teachers received from the studios where they were trained. It has given me new insight. Our clients like the diversity and energy that is present with the shift in styles and approach.

Deborah and I have been expanding our joy of teaching by watching each other. Pilates teachers are great at integrating new ideas quickly. We thrive in this profession because we love to teach and we love to learn. Every new presentation is another opportunity to see something old and friendly become fresh and exciting. I was surprised to see Deborah do an exercise sequence on the Push Through Bar on the Trapeze Table that I thought I had invented for tall men. She was doing the same sequence with the same body type! She watched me do a variation that I thought I had invented on the Wunda Chair. It is an accessible Swan that weaves well into the Cat. She exclaimed in joy, “I do that, too!” We have decided that all good teachers will discover very similar things by watching and doing over years of practice.

Sheri is like a sponge. She is such an attentive teacher. Sheri radiates love and caring to her students. She has begun to integrate some of our signature work into her beginning Mat class and it makes me feel so joyful to have teachers who are alive and intelligent. Her classes on the reformer are very challenging. Last night we had a great Wunda Chair class for a group of teachers. We were amazed again! This equipment can be adjusted to meet the needs of beginners and advanced students.

Sheri and Deborah have stolen the Guillotine! We have been spending some of our time together sharing the old syllabus that is new for many Pilates teachers. Deborah has engraved her name on the Guillotine. I am certain of this! She does not understand how she ever taught without one in the studio.

I am really proud to have these experienced teachers. I have learned that good Pilates teaching will require an open mind and continual inquiry. The PMA Pilates Certification Exam Study Guide has caused me to expand my exploration into the Head Harness, the Foot Corrector, the Pinwheel and the Bean Bag!

Can anyone tell me where to find the Finger Corrector? Alas I have looked with no success!