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Jennifer Hetzler hosted me in Cincinnati at her studio, Pilates Center of Cincinnati for another great Pilates workshop experience. Jennifer has an incredible attention to detail and organizational skills that are unparalleled. I am certain that these qualities are an integral part of the character of her mind and discipline that express within her technical ability to perform and teach the Pilates syllabus with precision, control, and art. Every necessary requirement needed to teach my syllabus: Integrating the Mat Language into the Equipment Work, was provided. This was done with apparent ease and lack of stress. However, I am very aware that this is an accomplished performance from each host. Underneath the flow, there is an immense amount of work and planning before and within the hours that comprise the days of workshop. I thank her and her staff for supporting me and the attendees. This preparation creates an environment for learning new material without stress and anxiety during the Pilates workshop.

The group of students that were assembled for my pleasure were eager and attentive. Several lineages were represented. I am pleased that the teaching and sharing was inclusive. While some may have learned to do the Hundred in the slight “military stance” that Kathy Grant calls the small hip rotation with a “V”, others performed with a parallel leg position. We concluded that we were in agreement regarding the essence and were able to focus on the core of the Pilates work. We were able to keep our attention on the essential elements of the exercise and not become mired in our differences. There were good questions and good reflections that expanded diverse views. There is no right or wrong, there is only serious study and consideration. The work returns to a reflection of the exercises that Joe and Clara taught. These experiences allow for great educational opportunity. It was a joy to see that despite the differences in small detail, the essence of the work is the goal of each student. It is possible to look for the common agreement, reach for excellence, and respect one another. I learned much and I had an incredible time teaching the Pilates workshop!

Of course I was inventing on the spot! Nothing I invent is really new. It is just another reincarnation of the old goodies in a new presentation. Cynthia Taylor named a piece of Mat work the Pat’s Hun-Screwster. It contains the Hundred, Corkscrew, and a Teaser. I do not know if it will ever appear in exactly the same way or if it was just needed for fun yesterday. I do know that we had a good laugh and we felt our abdominal muscles and our balance and control were challenged.

Thank you to everyone who came and worked hard to make this a great two days. I always have a wonderful time at Jennifer’s studio. I am grateful to all teachers and students who continue to study and challenge those of us who teach to reach for value and inspiration.

Pat’s Prone Scissors on the Spine Corrector was fun, too! These exercises cannot be described. They must be seen and experienced. I welcome all who study to come to my studio or Pilates workshops if this presentation peaks your interest.