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We just completed the Unit 2 of Pilates Conservatory ™. The experience was fantastic for me! We were lucky to have a new student and teacher from New York City who attended my workshop in September at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates. This lady is a joyful and eager student. She brought another perspective to our group. Here in the West, we often focus on the schism of the different lineages and we refer to this as the East Coast or West Coast style. Our guest was concerned and a bit stymied about this aspect of consciousness expressed the Pilates community. She did not understand why the conversation regarding “this” versus “that” had any merit. Her perception was that all teachers and studio owners are hungry for ideas about exercise and teaching skills that can elevate the excellence of Pilates for every practioner. Good teaching from many different places and styles does exist and is very much a living and sharing process. Our group was able to communicate and to integrate many ideas from her contributions. She was very excited to return to her studio with some new ideas to present to her clients.

I choose the name Pilates Conservatory ™ to honor and acknowledge that it is the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates that has inspired every teacher of each lineage. And these teachers in turn have inspired each of us to pass on knowledge with impeccability and dedication. The “United Students” this Fall are each very different and have many talents and gifts to share. They will choose different styles and employ different skill sets. The sum total of our group is infinite hope and infinite possibility.