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This was definitely an intense weekend for Unit 3 of the Pilates Conservatory program. The Wunda Chair syllabus is not easy on the physical body and there are exercises that defy execution for a student and a vintage teacher of Pilates. I remember my first Wunda Chair workshop from the Institute for the Pilates Method taught by Kathy Grant in Santa Fe in 1992. Some of the material presented and demonstrated by Kathy Grant looked easy. In student practice, there was much confusion and frustration because we could not do it!

The class had a wonderful time on the High Barrel! This group is has mental acuity. The physical strength and intelligence of the group combined with sheer determination allowed me to “get through the stuff” with relative ease. We were very tired at the end of five days.

Each of these students has brought special expertise and has shared with the group. My teaching effort has been less exhausting for my body and there has been more emphasis on doing, teaching, spotting, cueing, and the reason for each exercise.

Rende is the only student who has not improved her abdominal strength! Her belly gets bigger, but she has been there everyday to help and offer insight.

I would like to wish each of you Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for 23 years of teaching Pilates. I am grateful to all of my teachers who provided me with insight, joy, encouragement and respect. It takes years to be good at teaching Pilates. Without continued support, it is hard to keep motivated. Keep on teaching. It takes decades to make a real teacher. We can travel this path only one day at a time. It helps to have support.