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A teacher once told me that the inner work of the spirit is often reflected in the activities of the mundane. Cleaning, moving, and instigating change can stimulate transformation of the spirit. This transformation sometimes looks like total renovation.

My house is under renovation. The items of everyday life have been moved into places where they can be found only to be lost when they are most needed. The tile and carpet have been through demolition and the replacement is almost beginning. Change is never easy and we wonder why we thought this was a good idea when the toothbrush has disappeared. Things never change without chaos and loss. Things that never change are not alive, not renewed, and indicate crystallization of the spirit.

Many things in my life have changed. They were not easy. They were not bad things. It was time for my “house of the spirit” to be renovated. It is not surprising that one small change has been a cascade of healing and rejuvenation.

Pilates Conservatory was an act of creation. It was not easy. It was an immense amount of work and a renovation of my teaching life. The students who shared this journey with me are a joyful manifestation of this transformation. I thank them for the trust and earnest effort!

Happy Holidays to All!