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Centerpointe Pilates was a wonderful experience for me. I have traveled to Santa Barbara many times in the past. Returning to familiar places such as State Street, the quaint restaurants, and the humidity was nostalgic and invigorating! Amy Havens has created a very unique environment. Centerpointe Pilates studio is situated in a very chic neighborhood. Her studio is arranged so that there is a big floor space for classes and two smaller rooms that are very intimate for private sessions or for presentations on equipment. Amy has a fully equipped studio and offers a great variety of classes and teachers. She was a gracious host. She is attentive to detail in both the studio and hosting me, for the Pilates workshop, and other guests. Ken Gilbert is teaching at the studio. He is also traveling and presenting NIA. His blend of the theater arts, NIA movement and extensive Pilates’ education blends in with the environment of Centerpointe Pilates. The Pilates workshop students were attentive, prepared, and enthusiastic! There could not have been a more delightful setting. The Mexican coffee in the little café also perked up the beginning of the day!

On the way into Santa Barbara, I found that my back was cranky. I tried to ignore this and sleep. That did not work. I tried to read. That did not work. Soon I remembered an old trick I have enjoyed since I was dancing. When I was younger and nothing hurt, while in public, I would try to see how much movement I could do without being observed as performing overt motion by others. So, I decided to do the mat work in the plane seat without being observed as doing anything other than sitting quietly. This is accomplished by moving the inside very slowly and in very small motions. The Spine Twist and Roll Up were quite fun. Suddenly this became an inspiration for a Pilates teaching message. It is the simple but difficult practice of waiting for the inside to respond. Waiting is the most important element. Waiting asks me to connect the thoughts and feelings not because I am told that this is Pilates. Waiting allows me to experience me. So this was part of my discovery before the plane landed. My message for the Centerpointe Pilates studio was revealed. The application of the simple into complex movement was harder. The students were very receptive and I will continue to explore this with other students and teachers. Everyone has been impressed with the beginner’s Cork-Screw.

California has been having some extreme weather patterns. It rained and rained and it was delightful. I was sad to leave when Ken dropped me off at the airport. We spoke of our visions and continued relationship so I look forward to visiting Santa Barbara again. Jumping into travel mode I cleared security to discover that United was predicting a six-hour delay home to Denver. I have no shame accommodating my needs when in an airport. I simply drop my bags and myself into a corner with limited traffic and nap or read. The time seems endless. Suddenly I was reminded that I could do my “invisible practice”. Time still passed slowly, but there was value in the peace and validation of this new direction. Welcome to my new world!