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Three students sat for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam. THEY PASSED!

Congratulations to three students who have worked very hard and applied themselves to study and practice. I am proud to announce three new Pilates professionals into the community. This is a very important step for all graduates of a comprehensive program. The Pilates Method Alliance exam sets the standard for all Pilates Teachers. Yes, they were nervous but they did it!

Carolyn Bell: San Antonio, Texas
Carolyn brings organization and fresh thinking into her every endeavor. She is a thoughtful teacher and will continue to strive to give the highest and best to each student.

Jean Bordelon: Studio C, San Antonio, Texas
Jean is all heart. She brings empathy, light, and joy to others. Jean does much more than teach Pilates. She heals the body, mind and spirit.

Dana Gardner: San Antonio, Texas
Dana will hold the standard! This Texas gal is a warrior for truth, dedication, and honor. Don’t mess with Dana. She will give you more than just physical workout.

Thank you for allowing me the honor and joy of seeing you succeed.