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Yesterday, I traveled at home. My family hiked Arapahoe Pass to 11,942 feet. This hike is a 5,404 feet gain in elevation. It is one of my favorite destinations. The trailhead starts at “Fourth of July Campground” and that seemed like a good omen for the holiday. These are the conditioning trips for the 14,000+ feet elevations, known at The Fourteeners in Colorado. I have climbed 30 + of the 56 in the state and I hope to bag a few more or return to some former summits that I have done for lunch. Tomorrow is Pawnee Pass at 12,541 feet.

My Pilates practice helps with the heavy pack and the power required in the legs and core. The breathing practice is imperative to beat feet up the trails where the air is thin. The most difficult part is starting early in the morning to summit and get down below tree line before the thunderheads roll in at noon. There is no dawdle time and if you are not prepared for rain, sleet, hail, and blisters, you still need to walk out!

I think Joe might have considered this a balance of recreation and work! I get energized above tree line. It is the best HIGH!