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Eric Franklin was a delightful experience! Many people who have enjoyed his Franklin Method workshops and training for many years consider the information invaluable for a deeper understanding of the human body. Forty plus attendees came to Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. this past Sunday. It was wonderful to have the support and to share this workshop with my community. Eric is delightful, intelligent, full of humor and prepared. He is able to communicate very complex anatomical relationships regarding functional anatomy using imagery that everyone could understand. Eric is also respectful of each student. How pleasing to be told that we could do nothing wrong and that we could have fun! We learned about our bodies and then we moved and experienced what we learned.

The information is invaluable for Pilates teachers and anyone who wants to learn how to become aware of the body and choose a path that creates a positive change.

My clients are already benefiting from my expanded knowledge. And, I am very humble when I say that I have only consumed a small bite of information that he shared.

Eric is coming back to do another Franklin Method workshop this fall. The date will be announced soon!

Franklin Method Teacher Training is March 21st to 27th, June 15th to June 21st, September 14th to 20th in Boulder, Colorado at Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc.

This is the only Level I Franklin Method Training offered in English in 2009.
We are ½ way to maximum enrollment.

If you are interested, please register online at

Big Thanks:

Eric Franklin

Hosts and Coordination:
“Jan Dunn & Pat Guyton Duet”

Carolyn Bell:,
Jean Bordelon: Studio C, San Antonio, Texas
Rende Brockwell: Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc.
Michelle Frank: Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc.

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