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Matt is enthusiastic regarding his process in Pilates. He also is motivated to teaching others. I have gotten very provocative questions from him throughout his case studies. As his teacher, I have needed to reach deeper into my critical thinking within the Pilates method. Matt plans to enter into Occupational Therapy, OT, training. I am proud of his personal transformation and wish him the best success in his future practice and study.

Yuuko Igarashi introduced Yuki Kato to me through a recommendation to attend a workshop. Yuki was trained in the Romana lineage. Her education was excellent. She was excited when the certificate of completion was awarded. At that point, the practicality of teaching and communication of ideas became an obvious hurdle. Yuki wanted to attend another program to understand what she had learned and how she could use the Pilates method to benefit people both in mind and body. Her questions were very specific regarding clients and she would apply my suggestions. Yuki also had the challenge of teaching in English. As the months progressed it was very clear that her classroom teaching and her conversation had improved. She is more confident.

I am grateful for the opportunity to mentor and teach these two fine people. My program is divided into four discreet Units. Students will choose dates and time between studies for integration of the material presented. Throughout the year people will graduate and begin preparation for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam. I wish the best of Luck to Matt and Yuki and hope that other students are preparing, too.