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Space has been defined in various ways. The variety is an incongruity in that space appears to be empty and therefore by definition “no thing”.


The structure of our body when studied from the relative distance in each atom is mostly space. From our perception we exist as a solid object. Without the space that lives and moves within our bodies, we would not be alive!

I found a definition of space: “the unlimited expanse in which everything is located”. In the practice of Pilates, the principle that Joe taught of Breath is the space within the movement. I am working on the integration of space and form. I would like to feel that there is no separation between the initiation of the breath evoking the movement and movement evoking the breath.

The picture of the Roll-Over is hilarious from one point of view. The environment of the infinite wilderness beyond takes the breath away…which allows me to take another breath into my inner space.