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Susan Pepper and Swissbody® hosted me in their beautiful studio in Geneva. I am very impressed with the policy of continuing education. Swissbody ®Academy provides a quality school, mentors their graduates and encourages study with any and all other Pilates educational opportunities. Students become teachers. As they grow in knowledge, many develop an approach and a desire to open another Pilates facility. These teachers are encouraged and are welcomed back to Swissbody® for workshops and classes. This is a very inspiring attitude which reflects the PMA™’s mission of inclusivity.
Inclusivity and encouraging growth in former students and teachers can be a very difficult attitude to maintain. Many other schools and businesses are afraid of competition. When a student or employee leaves, an attitude of contempt, lack of respect, and disparagement of character are the reaction of fear and assumed rejection. I have been challenged to maintain a neutral and supportive view of my past. I have not been as successful as Susan, Birgit, and the Swissbody® staff. They embody the attitude of support without an effort to be seen as diplomacy. The depth of this spirit is inherent in the character and nature of their psyche. They cannot act in another manner because it is not a practice but the essential essence of the collective consciousness.
I had a wonderful experience sharing my work. The students were respectful, enthusiastic, and extended themselves to share and exchange with me. Again, this is a reflection of the spirit of Swissbody®. I learned from my experience and ideas are fomenting in my process of how to present, the content of my teaching, and integrating the exchange of information.
This workshop has afforded me the opportunity to observe the growth of Pilates in Europe. The level of education was beyond my expectation. These students have extended and reached deeply into every presentation of workshops, books, conversations, personal practice and long distance travel to reach into the well of knowledge. They also have an educational experience prior to study that has provided a foundation of application of the principles and the syllabus of Pilates.
I have much gratitude and respect for the invitation to present at Swissbody®. I am confident that each of these students will continue to practice and experience a deeper understanding of movement and teaching. I seek to learn from my experience on all levels of humanity.