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Alvin Giam, owner of Pilates Bodyworks in Singapore hosted a fantastic three-day Pilates workshop! Alvin and his wife, Jasmine, were generous and fastidious in management. Pilates Workshops require much work and preparation. The appearance that things were “seamless” was a testament to expert planning.

The staff at the studio is a cohesive collection of people who really like each other! Some were old friends and many were new. I was able to spend two days working with the staff before the Pilates workshop began. I am impressed with the education and growth of his teachers. Thank you to Mary Bowen, Dianne Miller and Michelle Larson! The teachers at Pilates Bodyworks are well grounded in the syllabus of Joe Pilates and they have had an advantage of study with other mentors.

The three-day Pilates workshop was a superb experience for me. Many of the students were old friends and they have matured in their chosen path of study. The new students were excited and very attentive. I am always impressed that students who have very little opportunity to study at home are so dedicated.

Thank you to everyone who attended! I had FUN!