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Last weekend I had a new opportunity to do an In-Service Continuing Education for Inspiration to Movement in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I have taught Pilates workshops that may be two hours at conferences and I have taught weekend Pilates workshops for many years. The difference between these Pilates workshop education formats and an In-Service is the intention and purpose of the experience and the intimacy of one studio’s staff and teachers.

Rachel Nace is the owner and the artistic director of Inspiration to Movement. She is a very accomplished dancer and I featured her new career inclusion of professional ballroom dance competition in a former blog. Concurrent with this new opportunity, Rachel will continue to maintain and grow her Pilates studio. She has been fortunate to have developed a team that includes young teachers with boundless enthusiasm and some vintage teachers who have wisdom and business skills. These teachers have completed fine Pilates educations, but they have diverse lineages. My mission, as requested by Rachel, was the integration of each teacher’s unique skills with the energy and focus of a cohesive group.

Each teacher had gifts and talents to offer. The In-Service included:
Professional Resume Development
PMA Membership
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher™ Requirement by 2009
Review of the 34 Mat List Exercises from Return to Life through Contrology
Wunda Chair Review
Trapeze Table Review
Pedagogy: Active Listening, Active Reflection, Cueing
Recognition and Respect for client personality presentation.

Fantastic Weekend – Fantastic Host – Fantastic Staff!