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Teaching is a gift to give to others and it is a responsibility to elevate the student’s proficiency and personal professional development. Mary Bowen, First Generation Master Pilates Teacher supported me in a time of a difficult journey. She told me that “we cannot be Joe or Clara”. We cannot be any of our teachers. We can only study and integrate the work into our individual psyche and our bodies. In this way, we can strive to become an individual expression of an authentic teacher.

Recently I discovered a blog site. The author is a thoughtful student and teacher who is sharing with others her journey of discovery and recovery. A necessary part of a deep transformation will often feel like a separation from those we trust, love, and cherish. The gift of the void can be an opportunity to look for the inner voice and learn to trust ourselves. Choices can be made from quiet reflection. Exploration of how to teach evokes new thoughts. Experience will lend the teacher flexibility to listen and grow in cycles which are continuing spirals upward.

Good Pilates teachers are chosen by the student. The teacher does not choose or control the student. The teacher gives and receives. The teacher must learn to release the student with love and kindness when the time for independence has arrived. The teacher can keep the door open and the relationship will transform to fruitful exchange and mutual respect.

I am joyful to say that this student sought my guidance many years ago and for a time we tread the same path. We had some great times together. Life changed. Our feelings of mutual respect remain intact. We share our passion for Pilates which includes our similar conclusions, our exploration within our respective journey of teaching, and we do not always agree. We do not find that we need to agree and we have fun disagreeing. We do support each other.

Students find teachers.

Teachers cherish students.