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Eric Franklin was incredible. The Franklin Method course of study is not easy. I learned anatomy out of a book or in Power Point presentations. This is an anatomical view of how movement works in the body. In the first year of study we get into the bones and I am grateful to say that my whole view of teaching has changed and the way I look at the Pilates exercises has been transformed. Yes, the stomach massage still looks the same way on the outside, but the knowledge of how to teach from the inside to the outside is an exciting shift.

The 37 students will finish in September. This is a three year course and a huge commitment that is worth the time and the cost.

If any readers have not experienced this work, go to and find a list of Franklin Method workshops in your area. If you have finished Level I, you can sign up for Level II which in 2010. That information is also present on Eric’s website.

Move your spines!