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Class photo after Pilates session

Class photo after Pilates session

June was a busy month for me in many ways! Early in the month Yuki Kato and Misako Oba organized a group from Japan to come to Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. It was quite an experience for me to teach Pilates from a wheel chair and I am grateful to Yuki and Yuuko Igarashi for the assistance and support that they gave to me. Yuuko was the translator. The students were attentive and respectful.

I have been working on my breathing for the last three months. My surgeon has tattoos and runs marathons! She explained to me that the patient is strapped onto the table. (It is good that the patients are under anesthesia at that time.) Then the table is tilted for the advantage of the best field for the procedure. In my case, the table was tilted down and to the left, leaving the right side open. My lungs had to work uphill and under assistance so that the ribs and diaphragm need to be retrained.

My Pilates students were fantastic under the circumstances and I am looking forward to my travel to Japan in 2010. I hope to be standing and to Kokyuu-ta-mo-tsu.
Thank you to everyone who came despite the flu!