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Pilates Bodyworks was an incredible experience for me. Alvin Giam has assembled a group of very fine teachers. Colin Low just graduated from Core Dynamics. It is a testimony to Alvin that he encourages his students to study from excellent teachers and to keep the doors open to other lineages. The teaching evoked new ideas and the students taught me as much as I taught them. Exchange is always the best teaching experience. I am learning more about this process from Eric Franklin who speaks clearly about student centered teaching.

On the way home, my body insisted on having a dialogue regarding health, rest, and change. Consequently, I have had an enforced vacation. The Singapore trip to Pilates Bodywork was the refiner’s fire. Things change without control. I had to go through the fire and this phoenix is not quite ready to open the wings to fly.

Alvin supported me through this experience. When he called me in the hospital, I was so medicated, that I am not certain that the information that I gave him on the swan was clear! Thanks Alvin