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Three weeks and 21 days of fantastic information, on the Franklin Method, was presented at Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. by Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer. 37 students worked very hard. And with great courage, nerves on edge, and fellow student support, they presented individual topics taught within the Franklin Method Level I training.

This education has given me a new insight about my form of education which is Pilates. This does not mean that the choreography of the Pilates method has morphed into another syllabus. The information changes the anatomical understanding of functional movement. It gives the teacher new concepts of teaching from imagery that is functional anatomy. My past experience in Pilates, dance, weights, etc, often suggested cueing that was not anatomically accurate. I struggled to get people into a “correct position”. With the Franklin Method, the position will come naturally when the client is able to embody the feeling and purpose of the movement. This process has motivated my clients to work toward better form. They want to do what makes them feel better in everyday life.

It is not about the “burn”, it is about the “learn”.