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A baby does not require an explanation of how to breathe. Treading the path of life may change this process. It may require reevaluation. Events and circumstances can alter the natural flow and motion in respiration. Accidents, trauma, illness, social conditioning, poor choices of health habits (such as smoking) and imposed training may change the natural acceptance of the breath of life.

My Franklin-Method Teacher Training is answering questions that have been whirling in my brain. I am in process of integrating this information. I do not have a final answer and I am open to changing my mind and body as I grow in awareness.

My first teacher of the mechanics of Pilates and breathing was Dr. Ed Stiles, DO. It was Ed who educated me about “Bucket Handle Rib Motion, Pump Handle Rib Motion, and Caliper Motion and the importance of breath within Osteopathy. I have taught this information to others for years. It is not new and does not belong to any community of medicine or discipline. It is how the body works. The interpretation combining Pilates and breathing and how to accomplish good habits is defined in many different ways for many different reasons.

My exploration has been shared and exchanged with three good friends who also were exploring Pilates and breathing in motion. Alvin Giam, Pilates Bodyworks in Singapore, shared his experience with breathing and health. Alvin’s story is not mine to share, but I listened. Briala Silva, Briala Bodyworks, Lancaster, Pennsylvania also had a transformation of breath within her teaching that was inspired by many diverse sources. Stacey Dreisbach, Physical Methods Pilates, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was generous with her research. These three were not in communication with each other or me regarding their process. Like many, they were just breathing and noticing.

This is an invitation to breathe without too much mental effort. Fragrant perfume, good health, and ease float upon the air…let the breath in and let go of all preconceptions.