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Looking Front – Working Back, a PMA 12 hour CEC Pilates workshop was a fantastic experience. I know more about the shoulder girdle from teaching this Pilates workshop in 2009. Yuuko Igarashi, from Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, came as my assistant. Bear, Jo and Dawn provided a beautiful studio, great hospitality, and a group of teachers and students who were eager to learn. I love teaching this Pilates workshop because it relates to every aspect of Pilates performance on mat and equipment. The Franklin Method™ Training has given me new perspectives on Pilates. I am a missionary for movement education and I am more competent because of my continuing education.

This is the first Pilates workshop where I took SOS straps and had my book Shoulder Girdle and Arm Work as an adjunct for the workshop material. It is an overwhelming feeling to be signing my book. I wrote the initial material in May of 2008 and now the product is available from OPTP.

I am going to continue with this Pilates workshop in 2010 since I enjoy teaching the material. If anyone would like to book this workshop contact me.

Thanks to Core Pilates…it was a great opportunity to share my work with other professionals who were very well prepared.