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The leaves have fallen and it is snowing. I love Colorado because of the seasonal changes. Change in life is good and inevitable. Conscious change is difficult. It often feels as if one is stepping into a void. All things that were held precious disappear, often with pain and despair. The impetus to press forward can only come from a deep catharsis. Joy and freedom can follow.

Snakes experience ecdysis intermittently as they grow and thus the symbol of wisdom. Quetzalcoatl was worshiped as the serpent god by the Aztecs. Good teachers are bearers of wisdom from deep reflection. Good students continue the process to become the next generation of inspired teachers. When the snake can no longer change it dies. It is better to embrace the wisdom and bequeath our knowledge to others with generosity.

Joseph Pilates work is about change for every body. His First Generation students and Pilates teachers changed to meet a contemporary world.

Last week, was Unit I of Pilates Conservatory®, a comprehensive Pilates teacher training. The knowledge of the study deepens with every round of teaching. The students are new or they are revisiting the foundations of Pilates from many lineages of movement. The students wriggled out of an old skin like the snake.

Eric Franklin taught at Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. in 2007. The Franklin Method ® Level I Pilates Teacher Training was hosted in 2009. This education is an invaluable tool for reassessing the functional movement and the intension of the Pilates exercises. The Franklin Method® persists and thrives on change. Upon observation, a reformer class at Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. would not look much different on the surface. The voice of the teachers is precise and the clients enjoy the information. They also perform better with encouragement and knowledge.

Snakes wriggle across the dunes and leave a path in the sand. May the path lead us to the destination.