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Pilates is a personal evolution for every serious teacher and student. The students of Pilates Conservatory® requested that I write a syllabus on how I have learned to adapt Pilates for each individual and how I continue to maintain my enthusiasm in daily teaching. The subject material includes the development of the critical thinking skills that are necessary to plan programs and classes. Critical thinking also allows the teacher to adapt to every person. There are many trails to climb the mountain and the diversity is what allows each person to arrive at the summit in a unique way. I was fortunate to have a phone conversation with Eve Gentry. She told me that each teacher would develop a particular path. However, it was important to study with our teachers first before beginning to try new things.

It is not surprising that Mat work review is essential. What I enjoy about teaching at this point in my career is flexibility and fluidity. I do not find that it is mandatory or useful to change any style or school of Pilates’ choreography. It is rewarding to share our work and find the common elements of each exercise.
In gymnastics, the students must learn a compulsory routine. This means that the skills and tricks that are expected for each developmental level of competition are defined in a choreographed sequence. The gymnast works hard to reach a consistent high score in competition. The personal reward is reaching an advanced level of individual interpretation. The required skills and tricks must be in the routine.
A Pilates teacher must know what the level of each student is. This awareness is reflected in a presentation of exercises that increases confidence and progress in the student. It is also respectful of the boundaries of psychology. And it is safe.

CenterPoint Pilates is one of my cheering sections. It is a wonderful feeling to be respected and expected to give and to receive. There are teachers in attendance from other lineages. One of them told me that she really appreciated that I remain neutral and give encouragement to everyone. She also felt embraced by the group immediately. I got an email from her telling me that some of the weekend exercises were on the floor Monday morning in Los Angeles.

Progressing forward is a good message for everyone. I bless each of my fellow teachers and students,