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Pilates teachers have been challenged by the changing economy. Some areas of our country have been impacted more than others. The city of Toledo was an integral part of the automobile industry and is very close to Detroit. My host, Cynthia Taylor, gave me a tour of this remarkable city. Progressing Forward is a PMA CEC (12) hour Pilates workshop. Cynthia hosted me and gathered up a group of teachers and students. Many are using this time to study. They are investing in a future by learning new skills and sharing with other Pilates teachers. Everyone is positive that things will get better and the support for community is palpable.

We “plopped” often and thanked Jan Dunn who shared this with me. It is not a difficult skill but it has magical results. It is so true that one simple tool can often solve hours of talking, cuing, and demonstrating. People who were not able to attend are writing me about this little trick. If you are curious, ask me about it when you see me and I can show you in under a minute. Better yet, find one of the other teachers and they will be more than happy to teach you.

Thanks to Pilates Center of Toledo!