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The Franklin Method ® Level I Teacher Training has been invaluable in providing anatomy and imagery based on functional movement, health, and motivation. Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc was fortunate to offer the only Level I Teaching Training in English in 2009. Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer have returned for Level II in 2010.

The Franklin Method has enabled me to teach with imagery that supports the functional movement within the Pilates repertoire. As a result, my students are able to understand why they are given certain images and cues. They also appreciate the exercise presented and the expected outcome. Occasionally I run for the pelvis, foot, or we migrate to the skeleton. People are able to understand and they appreciate a teacher taking time to educate. The toys also provide insight. I am very fond of the tensegrity toy, the breathing toy, as well as chains, clams, and spirals. The Franklin charts hang on the wall. The Franklin balls and rollers need cleaned as often as the Pilates equipment.

Marggi Vangeli hosted me in New Jersey at her studio, Bodies in Balance, I took two Franklin Method ® workshops on the road. We did Liberate Your Shoulders and Release Your Neck and Pelvic Power. I also taught a Pilates workshop that is presented in a separate syllabus. Those who did Franklin were assimilating from a different perspective. Reports from Bodies in Balance tell me that the Pilates material with better imagery was employed the next day.

In 2011, Pat Guyton Pilates will host Franklin Method® Level III and Franklin Method ® Level I Teacher Training. The trainings are three 7 day increments. I would recommend to all Pilates educators and movement teachers to think about this opportunity.