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The Mind is reading the title and is thinking, a mind activity, about the connection. The mind thinks that it is connected because the mind knows the definition of the word. The mind reads the dictionary. The body is waiting.

It is very difficult to calm thoughts and allow the sensations of the body speak to the mind. The body speaks in many different ways. Often there may be pain, discomfort, and emotional connections to thoughts. It is easy to understand why dissociation from these feelings might be an easy solution. The body can retreat to the mind in avoidance. Or the mind can exert effort to keep the feelings from invading life. Why bother? If the body is unable to be controlled, at least the mind is manageable. Or is that true?

The mind likes the idea that there is a mind body connection. It is a very hip thing to talk about, another mind activity. If the mind is very keen, it can present lectures, workshops and charge money talking about mind and body. The mind can inspire others and the audience leaves thinking about how wonderful those ideas were when spoken in the environment of health and wellness. The physical body can walk home and the mind can think about this wonderful enlightenment.

Then Monday arrives. I have been thinking about my Pilates workshop. Did I do a good job?

Maybe I should breathe and feel. This is very hard work.