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I was honored to be a presenter at Pilates on Tour in Denver on August 1. I enjoy teaching new audiences. The fresh perspective keeps me thinking and motivated. Balanced Body, Inc., Nora St. John and Al Harrison offer an excellent venue for continuing education and a welcome relationship for the presenters.



Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel were also presenting. It was an opportunity for me to be mentored by these wonderful ladies who are First Generation Teachers of the Pilates Method. I always enjoy my time with Mary. Her perspectives on Pilates and the Psyche are a “must do” experience for everyone who teaches. Lolita helped me with my feet! As a dancer and a product of ill luck in the foot genetic program, I needed some help. There is much misinformation in the fitness world about the foot. Lolita gave us exercises for home, demonstrated the Ped-o-Pull, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and the Reformer foot positions. I learned new information that I brought home to the studio.