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My first workshop with Eric Franklin was in June of 2008. I expected a quality experience and I was ready to refresh my work. It is very easy to become insulated in one point of view. It happens to everyone at some time in every profession. I was hosting the Franklin Method workshop with Jan Dunn. We had a huge turnout and my dance space was full. The workshop was fun! I learned many new things that infused my Pilates practice with more precision.

Pilates teachers understand that a Pilates movement principle is precision. Precision can become a discerning eye that watches and encourages better health through improved functional movement. Precision is also the disciplined approach to life of the teacher. This is reflected in continuous inquiry which will sharpen the mind.

This past September I graduated Franklin Method Teacher Training Level II. I am able to offer a greater diversity of workshops as a Franklin Method ® Level II Educator. In 2011, Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. will be hosting Franklin Method Teacher Training Level I and Level III. This choice of study for me has been invaluable.

If you have any questions about the Franklin Method ® and how this has changed my life, email me.