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Kristi Cooper White approached me last year with her idea of an online site called Pilates Anytime. Kristi spent time talking to me and writing emails of her vision of Pilates Anytime. I was interested, but I did not pursue the connection. I had been hosting the Franklin Method® Teacher Training for 2009 and 2010. This year I will be hosting the Level Three. Hosting is a big job. I am also a student. My time was maximized and I put the idea on the shelf, but I did not forget Kristi’s gracious invitation and enthusiasm.

Every January, Amy Haven’s the owner of CenterPoint Pilates in Santa Barbara, California invites me to do a workshop. Her studio is a location for filming Pilates Anytime and she is a Regular Instructor. She does a mat class every Friday. Amy suggested that I could come in early and do her spot. Kristi contacted me and I am now proud to be mentioned as a Distinquished Instructor on the website, Look for class #385!

Pilates Anytime provides an opportunity for people who may not have a Pilates studio near home, or have responsibilities that make personal workout time limited, or may not have the economic resources to pay for classes and private lessons. Pilates Anytime also offers workshops from First Generation Teachers, such as Lolita San Miquel. This is an opportunity for students and teachers who cannot afford to go to workshops or conferences.

Joe Pilates had a vision that the whole world would be doing his work. I have been amazed to see the comments for my class coming from the USA, but also other countries where Pilates workshops are not available. One member asked if I was planning a workshop in her neighborhood. Maybe I will do that!