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WOW! The Franklin Method ® Pelvic Power visited San Antonio, Texas, thanks to Aida Zorilla and United Airlines. Security lines at airports are amusing situations due to the bones and toys that travel with me. Lucia Laudisio, my student and fellow Franklin Method ® Educator to be, could see the eyes roll as the TSA employees saw the pelvis, pelvic half, femur and sacrum lodged happily between tensegrity toys, sponges, therabands, and other interesting imagery tools.

The weekend started with the Franklin Method ® Pelvic Power. This workshop is so much fun to teach and the laughter is rewarding. Aida had cookies that were decorated like a butterfly, however everyone agreed they were pelvic halves and sacrum images.

There were students in attendance from many lineages. All were excellent students and each one brought questions and comments that stimulated the experience. I enjoy sharing my work and hearing how each individual is developing a personal approach to teaching Pilates. These teachers want to help other people find health and happiness and they are willing to continue study to increase their knowledge.

Aida looks fantastic! She is a dynamic teacher, an inquisitive student, and an impeccable host. We are excited to reconnect and to develop diversity in the Pilates community. If you are interested in the San Antonio experience, you are welcome to attend the next workshop in June:

Franklin Method ® Pelvic Power – June 23

Franklin Method ® Liberate Your Neck and Release Your Shoulders – June 24

Extending Pilates, 12 PMA CECs – June 25, 26

Thanks Aida!