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Pilates Anytime was born out of a desire to share high quality Pilates classes with everyone and is the creation of Kristi Cooper White. I will admit that when I was approached by Kristi, my initial reaction was skepticism. How would anyone really teach quality Pilates outside of a classroom or in a private session?

I live in Boulder and this is a community that is visionary. Everything that is new and has potential to improve the quality of life and that of the world is here. Kristi reminded me that not everyone has access to quality teachers. In small towns and in many parts of the world, people hear about Pilates in all forms of social media, but there are no classes available.

I have had many students who have been curious from taking Pilates classes on a video. Their studio was the living room floor in front of the television. The motivation to come to my studio was the medium that was available to them.

Pilates Anytime is unique. It offers many choices of teachers, level and content of classes. The entire experience of working with the team during the filming process is professional and relaxed. I have many people ask me about Pilates. This is a fantastic way for them to join for a month, view a variety of teachers and be inspired to find a path to education.

If everyone had to find Joseph Pilates to be well trained, then I would have been one of those who did not get it the “right way”. I was exposed in an athletic club evening lecture. The teacher was not a First Generation Teacher. He did not do the classical work. He was charismatic and irreverent, but I am here because of that one night.

The world is changing. If Pilates is to remain viable, it is important that Pilates professionals change attitudes of superiority and reach out to everyone. I have been honored to be selected to represent Pilates Anytime.