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The academic level of content and the amount of information require three years of study and practice to get to the Level III. The Franklin Method has changed my Pilates teaching. The workout does not look significantly different. I teach the exercises presented in the original syllabus. The approach to the functional movement, health, and motivation through imagery is the transformation. This produces better results in the student practice and they enjoy learning about the body.

Organ study is the third year of Franklin Method Teacher Training. It has been extremely rewarding. Eric Franklin has stated that this will be the future of physical fitness training. Currently, the muscle and the bone is the focus of the workout. There are not many systems that include the organs as part of the tensegrity system of whole body health.

At the beginning, I was curious about the reception of my students to the colon, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, etc. How would I integrate this into a Pilates workout? Today I introduced the colon and the diaphragm to a private client. She experienced the internal relationship to her sacral iliac joint dysfunction and how the colon imagery might be part of her symptoms. We did a workout and I sent her home with some Franklin Method movement for her colon. She loved it!

Thanks Eric!